Wellness Program

Unhealthy habits and lifestyles, such as inactivity, poor ergonomics, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and frequent alcohol consumption contributed a high increased in chronic disease, such as musculoskeletal disorder (repetitive motion and stress injury), diabetes, heart disease, and chronic pulmonary conditions. These chronic conditions have become a major burden, as they lead to decreased quality of life and increased health care cost especially in workplace.

Out of concern about the impact of chronic disease on employee health and well-being, Turning Point offers consultation, assessment and high-quality customized wellness programs catering to the needs of your organization.

Turning Point’s Employee Wellness Program includes:

Optometry Tests
On-site massage
Wellness classes (Yoga, Zumba Dance etc)
Corporate Health Fairs/ Health Screenings (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Podiatry etc)

Please contact us for more detail if you have any inquires.