About Us

Turning Point Integrated Wellness Sdn. Bhd. is a one-stop psychological wellness centre that promotes the idea of mind-body integration in achieving holistic wellness and vitality for every individual. Being a catalyst of change, we offer a diverse range of psychological wellness services for individuals (children, adolescents and adults), couples, families, workplaces and communities through innovative and integrative therapies backed by science.

Our extensive past experiences of more than a decade in providing professional psychological wellness services in Malaysia has also made us one of the most prominent service providers locally. This invaluable experience is especially crucial as we could clearly identify and provide what is needed that fits the cultural context of Malaysian employees and the general public.

Our large pool of consultants who provide professional services and adhere strictly to the Codes of Ethics are the most important asset that we take pride of. All counselors in Turning Point have gone through professional training respectively with their university and are licensed under Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia whereas our clinical psychologists are qualified practitioners registered as member under the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology.

OUR VISION – We envision a future where individuals fully integrate families, workplace and communities in achieving holistic wellness and happiness.

OUR MISSION is to be the CATALYST OF CHANGE for individual, family, workplace and community.

If you’re looking for a solution towards a positive transformation either for yourself, family, workplace and community, we look forward to work with you effectively with comfort in achieving your goals.

Please contact us for more information.