Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

eapThe quality of our workforce is a significant factor in determining the success and cutting edge of every organization. Turning Point is pioneering organization interventions which provide integrated solutions that meet your organization challenges. Being the most experienced glocal EAP expert (localized expertise’s with global training & experiences) in Malaysia with more than 13 years in this field, we are providing EAP services to organizations covering industries in Oil & Gas, Banking, Accounting Firms, Pharmaceutical and more, with at least 50,000 employee populations in Malaysia.

EAP is a comprehensive worksite-based program designed to help identify and facilitate the resolution of behavioral, health and productivity problems that may adversely affect employee well-being or job performance. Turning Point’s EAP focuses on solving complex work situations such as deteriorating job performance caused by personal issues, workplace harassment, alcohol and/or drug problem and others.

EAP makes particularly good business sense because in today’s market, employees are the most important asset for an organization. Best in class employees are resilient, have strong sense of self-worth, emotionally and physically healthy and have a balanced personal and work life.

EAP can be tailored according to your company requirement and the core elements are as follow:

a) EAP Roll Out Program (Promotional Activities and Wellness Resources)

b) EAP Hotline (Coverage options available)

c) Individual Counseling (Face to Face/Telephone/Online)

d) Management Consultation (Face to Face/Telephone/Online)

e) Customized Training on Mental Health and Organization interventions

f) On-site & Separation support

g) Crisis Intervention

What does the EAP help with?

Frequently Asked Questions about EAP

Q: How do EAP observes confidentiality?

A: Written records of all services are kept private and are unavailable to managers or superiors without the written consent of the employee. EAP guarantees strict standards of privacy and confidentiality. The exception to this rule of confidentiality is if the EAP consultant learns that someone is at risk of self-harm, harming others or violation of law or subject to court order. In this case, the consultant may be required to report the situation to the appropriate authorities.

Q: What are the types of issues commonly seen through EAP?

A: Although you may call for any types of concern or problem, there are some issues that are handled more frequently through the EAP. The most common issues include:

i.          Conflicts with a supervisor or co-worker

ii.         Depression and anxiety issues

iii.        Grief and bereavement

iv.        Family, marriage and other relationship issues

v.         Improving Resiliency and Self-esteem

vi.        Addictions (alcohol, gambling, mobile etc.)

vii.       Eating disorders and sleeping difficulties

viii.      Parenting and Child issues

Q: As a Manager/Supervisor, how can I leverage on EAP services?

A: If your employee who is experiencing a stress-related challenges or decline in job performance, you can consult the EAP consultant to determine if a referral to EAP is required.

Q: What are the languages available to speak to EAP Consultant?

A: We have a multi-racial team of mental health professionals to cater the local market needs in Malaysia. You can use English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, Hokkien and Cantonese to communicate with the EAP consultants. Our team will work with you on your preferred language prior to the session.

Q: How can my employees access to the service?

A: EAP service can be accessed by several methods – by calling the EAP Toll Free Line number, through email or online. Our trained professionals will be handling the enquiry and arrange for sessions depending on your preferable consultation modes.

For further information and exploration on your company requirements please contact us.

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