Crisis Management

Turning Point can help your company implement a comprehensive, systematic program to relieve crisis-related stress for individuals and groups. This program is to reduce emotional impact of affected individuals by facilitating grief and recovery process to help them restore their usual productivity and to identify any high-risk individuals who need professional follow-ups.

At Turning Point we implement a 4-stage process for crisis management: Pre-crisis stage, Crisis stage, Post-crisis Stage and follow-up (post crisis) stage.

Together with the 4-part Crisis management support we aim to provide a holistic coverage to all employees involved directly and indirectly with the incident to create what would be a normally highly stressed situation into something that is more adaptable with smooth transitions.

We are trained in Crisis Intervention and have been involved in various corporate crisis interventions, worksite accidents and natural disasters response and management. (Suicide, Road Accident, MH 370, Johor Flood, Tsunami, Nepal Earthquake and etc).

Different plans and frameworks may be needed for different type of situations. However, we always follow the motto of “By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail” and would recommend the Pre-crisis segment of the training to everyone as a precautionary measure.

Please contact us for more detail if you have any inquires.