Change & Transition Management

Organizational change and transitions are inevitable in the workplace and the due process may involve all levels of employees (top officers, management, HR and business managers). As almost all employees are affected psychologically, proper care and safeguards must be made for a smooth process.

Organisational change must be handled in a professional and supportive way to ensure the organization and its employees are able to achieve a successful new beginning with maintaining productivity for those staying on. Our Transition Management programs are based on the famous William Bridges’s Transition Model and Kubler Ross Stage of Grief Model.

Any Organizational change/transition progress would typically involve three stages, where EAP would be able to prepare the organization for the transition (Pre-transition), assist psychologically during the transition and to provide aftercare for a certain period of time after the transition.

We have supported customers from various industries such as:

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Resource and Energy Industry
  • Banking Industry
  • Electrical Appliances Industry
  • Information, software and services Industry
  • Publication Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Tele-communication Industry

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