Neurofeedback Program

Neurofeedback is a scientific method for the training of brain using positive feedback and consciously managing your brain waves to achieve a desired brainwave state. It is a safe and non-invasive method which measures your brainwave activity and provides you real-time feedback through specific devices.

Recent research discovered that the brain is in its best condition when able to be consistently mindful in the state of “focused” and “relaxed”!  A person who managed to master this ability has:

  • High intuition and creativity
  • Good memory
  • Effective emotional management
  • A balance in physical and mental health

Our Neurofeedback use high-tech brain-computer interface (BCI) gadgets in the form of:

  1. Rainbow lamp,
  2. Computer interactive games,
  3. Brainwave assessment etc .

Interested to unleash your full inner potential, enhance general productivity and wellbeing of various aspects?

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