Registered Counsellor (K.B.; P.A.), EAP Consultant
Master of Science (Guidance and Counselling), University Putra Malaysia

Registered & Licensed Counsellor, Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (KB01373; PA01816)

Certified Trainer of “Enriching Your Relationship with Yourself and Others”
Tutor of Certificate Course in Counselling using The Satir Growth Model
Completion Certificate in Professional Counselling using The Satir Growth Model(161hours)
Completion Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy Professional Training Course (84hours)
Completion Certificate in Gestalt Therapy, Dream Work and Body Wisdom (90hours)
Completion Certificate in Play Volunteer Training Program (Level 1& 2)

16 years

Personal development, Communication, Family, Parenting, Grief and bereavement, Career guidance and assessment, Self-esteem, Interpersonal conflict, Couple and marital, Physical health issues, Developmental challenges, Stress and coping, Emotional Distress, Breakdown/separation/divorce, Wellness (nutrition/health/exercise), Anger management

The Satir Growth Model; Person-Centered Therapy; Existential Therapy; Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy; Positive Psychology; Expressive Art Therapy

Being the fourth daughter in the family, my parents desperately longed for a son. I thought only if I am perfect, I will be loved and accepted as much as my younger brother. When I grew up, I was very interested to investigate the influences of family on a person. I learned the Satir Growth Model in 2002 and it’s helped me to see how much I was influenced by my family of origin and how much my parents were influenced by their parents. I choose to keep the positive resources that were inherited from them, i.e. love, wisdom, courage, perseverance, generosity…and learn to be more aware of the negative qualities or beliefs that was embedded in me since young. I have accepted my parents as imperfect humans who can’t fulfil all of my needs.

The Satir Growth Model helps me to dive into my inner world and discover the innate resources. I can understand and connect with my client from a deeper level- uncovers their longings and inner resources. The Satir Growth Model that I am using is positive directional. The client and I will be going through a journey to discover their inner resources and utilize them to overcome life challenges. When we can walk through the tunnel of darkness, transformation always happens.

I am interested in meditation and mindfulness since I was a teenager as my mind always went wild. Meditation helps me to go within and be more aware of myself.

I have been working with teenagers and adults from 2005 till now. I integrated the family systemic approach (The Satir Growth Model) and the humanistic approaches in my counselling work. I am also trained in Expressive Arts Therapy and apply them in my work. My passion is to help people to accept and love themselves. I believe that problem is not a problem, coping is. I am motivated to support individuals to discover their inner strengths and live fulfilling lives.

Mandarin, Malay, English, Hokkien, Cantonese.