About Us

Turning Point Integrated Wellness SdnBhd is a catalyst of change and one-stop psychological wellness centre focusing to create an integrated wellness which is a state of well-being and vitality for every individual. We offer one-stop psychological wellness services focusing on the integration of mind and body for individuals(children, adolescents and adults), couples, families, workplaces and communities.


For workplace support, we are a glocalprovider of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Employee Wellness Programwith more than 10 years experiences.



OUR VISION - We envision a future where individuals fully integrate families, workplace and communities in achieving holistic wellness and happiness.


OUR MISSION is to be the CATALYST OF CHANGE for individual, family, workplace and community.



If you're looking for a solution towards a positive transformation either for yourself, family, workplace and community, we look forward to workwith you in achieving your goals.